Here is a quick video explaining how to fix a Wall-O-Water. These handy “mini-greenhouses” allow Full Circle Compost to grow our tomatoes early here in Nevada. The Wall-O-Water in the video has been used for three years straight and we leave them outside all year round. With the help of Walls-O-Water, Full Circle Compost Garden Boost, and Full Circle Compost Worm Wine; we are averaging 50-100 lbs of tomatoes per plant in Nevada.

To see our whole planting process please check out this past blog post: Hula-Hoop Method for Planting Tomatoes!

To see some amazing results, check out this blog post: The Proof is in the Pictures!

400 lbs of tomatoes in one single picking from Full Circle Compost's garden! Farmer Craig style!

400 lbs of tomatoes in one single picking from Full Circle Compost’s garden! Farmer Craig style!

Full Circle Compost facility: organics recycling center

Full Circle Compost facility: organics recycling center

A recent press release from Waste Management and the Atlantis states that in 2012 the casino resort was able to beat their goals for food waste recycling through composting:

“Atlantis diverted 1,500 yards of food waste material, exceeding their goal by 56 percent. Through this program, food scraps and other organic material were separated and diverted from the traditional waste stream, and processed into compost.”

This is a great accomplishment and just the beginning for the recycling of organic materials through composting in the Northern Nevada area! The ability for businesses to make a difference in a state that has yet to set up standardized recycling regulations is very commendable. It shows the initiative and drive of sustainable companies to make a difference.

All of the materials that were separated by the Atlantis Casino were sent to Full Circle Compost by Waste Management. Full Circle Compost operates in the capital of Nevada, Carson City. Full Circle Compost has been in operation for over 25 years recycling organic materials and turning them into high quality natural fertilizers and mulches. In 2012, Full Circle Compost, with the help of Waste Management, the Atlantis, South Tahoe Refuse, and many other local Northern Nevada companies was able to process almost 4,000 yards of food waste. Other businesses that compost with Full Circle include: the Peppermill Casino, Whole Foods, Wal-mart, Costco, Campo restaurant, Odwalla, Embassy Suites, and many others.

Hopefully in the near future, every business in the Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe area will have the option to recycle their food waste. Food waste is only one part. Just imagine if every business and home could send their grass clippings and landscape materials to Full Circle Compost rather than be sent to the landfill.

Let’s keep pushing organics recycling forward and keep up the good work!

Well Hello Everyone,

It has been quite sometime since my last post; however, do not fret! I am back in action with amazing compost tomato growing glory like never before seen! Spring 2013 is almost upon us and it is time to wet your taste buds on some amazing pictures from last years growing season.

These are never before seen pictures of what we did in our backyard garden. We averaged 300 pounds of tomatoes per 300 sq. ft.!!!! A total of 2,400 pounds of tomatoes were picked from our garden in Nevada!  That is right, I said Nevada and right next to Lake Tahoe….let’s let the pictures speak for themselves.

400 lbs of tomatoes in one single picking from Full Circle Compost's garden! Farmer Craig style!

400 lbs of tomatoes in one single picking from Full Circle Compost’s garden! Farmer Craig style!

We planted 95 varieties of tomatoes with most of them being saved heirloom seeds now 3 generations old to Northern Nevada. We grew them outside with only using local soil amendment from Full Circle Compost and their liquid “Worm Wine”. That is all! Native soil, saved heirloom tomato seeds, Full Circle “Garden Boost” soil amendment, and Full Circle “Worm Wine”. Booooom tomatoes!

Yumm Full Circle Compost tomatoes!

Yumm Full Circle Compost tomatoes!

This is just a short post to get back into the blogging experience. Expect much more from us here at Full Circle Compost as we share with you the glory of compost and the results you can get by understanding your soil.

Here is a little video taken today on Oct 19th. We are still picking tomatoes with the help of row cover protecting our garden from frost. We are approaching 2,000 total pounds of tomatoes just from our back yard garden. How did we do it?? Just good soil from Full Circle Compost and a little intuition!!

How To Save Tomato Seeds!

Easy way to save tomato seeds at home. The key is fermentation and then drying the seeds properly. Full Circle Compost is now growing over 95 varieties of tomatoes in the hard growing climate of Nevada. Saving seeds and creating tomato plants more tolerant of our growing season has helped us succeed.

Huge Tomato Harvest!

The time has come to start picking our tomato harvest! This is just a small portion of the amount of tomatoes we have in the ground here in Gardnerville, NV. We planted 75 varieties of tomatoes and today’s picking is only the current ripe tomatoes of ONLY 1/3 of the Full Circle Compost garden. We have already picked 400 lbs of tomatoes from the entire garden this growing season.

How many pounds of ripe tomatoes can you pick from only 1/3 of your tomato garden if you balance your soil and use Full Circle Compost?

Full Circle Compost Tomato Harvest! Only 1/3 of our garden…on 1 of 3 pickings!

71.5 lbs of ripe tomatoes just on one picking from 1/3 of our garden!!! Holy Tomato!!!!

Based on this one picking we should be picking 225 lbs of tomatoes from our garden today. After today we will have picked more than 600 lbs of tomatoes from our back yard garden!!

Tonight, September 20th, you can share in our harvest if you come by our booth at the Gardnerville, NV wine walk! We will be at Joyce’s Jewelry (here is the map) from 4:30 to 8 pm! If you subscribe to this blog and happen to be in the area, come join us!!! You can taste tomatoes and pick your favorite variety. We will have 20+ varieties available!! If you can not come by and you are in the Northern Nevada area and would like some tomatoes, please contact me and we can set up a tomato delivery!!

Big tomato harvest if you balance your soil! To get the result we did, you only have to understand a few things:

Continue Reading »

So what is better, big or small…tomatillos? (Don’t let your mind wander!!) Well in this case a big tomatillo plant is always better than a small tomatillo plant! How do you get big tomatillo plants? Well if you have ever read my blog, it is all about balanced soil and the proper nutrients that the plant itself craves to get big results!! A great example of properly balanced soil and improperly balanced soil is happening in Gardnerville at the JT Basque Bar and Dining Room right now with some tomatillo plants.

I helped the JT Basque Bar plants some edible landscape in June all throughout their patio area and it is all cranking. The guys in the back of the restaurant saw this going on and asked the owners if they could get a little garden started for some tomatillos. The owner said yes, so she bought two half wine barrels and we filled them with some of Full Circle Compost’s Garden Soil and planted a few tomatillo plants. Here are the plants as of last week:

Big tomatillos grown in Full Circle Compost’s Garden Boost

These tomatillos are cranking, producing flowers and fruit. This is where the impromptu experiment begins. The guys also decided to plant a tomatillo plant right nest to these guys in the native soil behind the restaurant. This all happened at the same time. Here is the area where the planted the other plant. Continue Reading »


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