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Is it possible to get 300 lbs of tomatoes off 4 plants in one 4ft x 4ft raised bed? Is it possible to grow huge tomatoes in Nevada? Totally doable! Even if you’re not a seasoned green thumb. Even if you DON’T have a greenhouse.

Here’s How!

Grow Huge Tomatoes in Nevada (300 lbs of them from 4 plants)

  1. Build a 4ftx4ft raised bed 12 inches deep. Use any scrap wood you have. As long as it stays together, you’re good to go.
  2. Fill that bed with 8 inches of Full Circle’s KICK Garden Soil (leave room for drenching with water).
  3. Plant 4 baby tomato plants. Need an easy planting guide for growing tomatoes in Nevada? Click Here.  Be sure to grow awesome heirloom tomatoes that grow like crazy here in Nevada. We suggest:
    • Northern Lights
    • Mexico
    • Juaquian Jewel
    • Striped German300 Off 4 Plants Begin | Grow Huge Tomatoes Nevada
  4. Cover soil with 1 inch of PROTECT to hold water and keep the soil happy.
  5. Fill that bed with 2-3 inches of water for a full soak only once every 3-4 days (“flood style” because KICK and PROTECT will hold water awesomely).300 lbs Off 4 Plants Mid | Grow Huge Tomatoes Nevada | Full Circle Soils and Compost
  6. BOOST with 1/4 inch of Full Circle’s BOOST twice during the growing season (about every 6-8 weeks). Even though KICK has enough nutrients to grow awesome for an entire growing season, you’re growing 4 hungry (and BIG) tomatoe plants, and they’re going to love eating up nutrients. So, replenish with BOOST.

That’s it! Now you’re set to grow huge tomatoes in Nevada (and anywhere really).

300 Off 4 Plants End | Grow Hug Tomatoes Nevada | Full Circle Compost

Happy growing.

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Herbs and vegetables to plant together

It’s no secret, spending time with friends is good for you! But did you know that plants have friends too?  Placing compatible plants next to each other allows them to benefit the company. This strategy, known as companion planting, helps deter pests, increase the yield of your veggies and improve flavor. So garden with future meals in mind! Here is a list of plants that prefer to be neighbors in the garden and at your table.

Tomato & Basil: Tomatoes have lots of friends in the garden, but they are best buds with Basil. The aroma from Basil deters insects from noshing on precious tomato fruit. Basil is also known to improve the flavor of the tomatoes because of shared soil nutrients. Tomato and basil … a timeless culinary combo.

Sage & Bush Beans: Similar to the basil and tomato relationship, sage protects bush beans from hungry critters. Parasites detest the smell of sage, which protects bean plants. Bush Beans also grow well with cucumbers, eggplants, garlic, kale and strawberries. Careful! Three’s a crowd if you plant cucumbers too, as sage and cucumber do NOT get along.

Parsley & Asparagus: Planting parsley alongside asparagus will stimulate the asparagus plant’s growth. Parsley also keeps Asparagus beetles at bay. So what’s in it for Parsley? It just so happens that Parsley likes partial shade, so these two get along quite well!

Strawberries & Thyme: Thyme helps strawberries thrive while also attracting pollinators to your garden. These two also have a common friend in spinach. Throw them all together and you’ve got a classic combo for salads and other fresh dishes.

These Plants Are Friends With Everybody!

    • Marigolds: Your whole garden will benefit from Marigolds! Plant these fragrant beauties throughout your garden to confuse pests as they search for their favorite fruits and veggies. Marigolds can be eaten too! Add dried petals to soups, salads or even brew it as a tea!
    • Garlic: Garlic isn’t just for warding off vampires, it deters aphids and beetles too! These pests are not a fan of garlic’s strong smell, and who doesn’t want a little fresh garlic for their dishes?
    • Chamomile: Like thyme, chamomile attracts pollinators like hoverflies and wasps. Planting chamomile next to other herbs can also enhance their flavor. Way to go, chamomile!
 For more amazing gardening tips and tricks click here: Full Circle Soils & Compost Gardening Tips Blog

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Full Circle New Years Resolution 2016 Gardeners

Well, folks. It’s the end of the year! And as short as these winter days are, for us die-hard gardener / grower types, they can sure feel long … as we gaze longingly out at our snow-blanketed planter boxes like a lonely puppy, counting down the weeks till spring with every can or jar of harvest-time goodies we finish …

But wait a minute! What better time than as we wave goodbye to 2015 could there be to start planning our 2016 yards and gardens? Not only does getting a jump on it now help you hit the ground running (or raking …), it gives you a really great thing to get excited about when people ask you your New Year’s resolution!

So leave the vows for fad diets and garage clean-ups to your Facebook friends. Read on for our favorite 8 New Year’s resolutions for gardeners and growers — ones sure to make it a truly Happy New Year for you and your plants!


1. Start a Garden!

If you don’t have a garden yet … start one! No matter what style of gardening / planting / growing you want to do, get things off to an amazing beginning with a healthy dose of KICK and other beyond organic Full Circle compost products … so your plants can go from zero to hero in one season.

If you’re new to the region, let us warn you that gardening in Nevada can be tough … but NOT if you have the right soil. Since most Nevada properties don’t start off with nice, developed, mature soil, you’ll just have to nurture it on up to the right conditions.

(Find out more about bad compost versus good compost for Nevada growing here; learn more about Nevada soil here.)


2. Start a Gardening Journal

Not only will this will motivate you to make plans–and stick to them!–but it can help you keep track of planting schedules, successes & failures, and other experience that’ll get those thumbs looking greener in no time.

3. Make a Planting Calendar!

Like your journal, having a dedicated gardening calendar helps you remember when to START projects, buy seeds or seedlings, prep soil, plant, harvest, and all the other fun steps that lead to delicious homegrown veggies and beautiful yards.

4. Build Raised Garden Beds!

You know, like the ones you see in yards around your neighborhood and wish you had. Well this year’s your year and you can get started BEFORE the planting season. Whether you want small front-yard herb-and-veggie boxes or a full-on greenhouse operation like Gary’s, all it takes is a trip to the hardware store, some dedication, and our plant-loving KICK to get things growing BIG! Learn how to build raised garden beds with guides from Sunset, Lowe’s and Eartheasy as inspiration. (You can always buy planter boxes and raised garden beds, but what’s the fun in that!)

5. Build a Compost System!

Wanna get serious about composting? Make your own! One of our favorite composting systems is the 3 pile backyard compost system. It’s a little labor-intensive, and is definitely a commitment. But if you’re up for the challenge, the payoff is (bio)massive. Go here for our instructions, tips and advice!


6. Re-seed Your Lawn!

Love your lawn? This spring, get your turf to come back lusher and plusher than ever before with this way-too-easy 4-step turf reseed plan. Lasting results in as quick as 2 weeks! Check out photos of some real-life success stories from Reno, David in South Lake Tahoe, and University of Nevada.

7. Xeriscape Nevada Style!

Don’t love your lawn? Rip it out! Save water, defend against drought, cut costs, improve the value of your home, AND make your neighbors jealous by converting your yard to a natural landscape that requires minimal maintenance. Just get it started and let Nature do the hard work, season after season! Learn more about the benefits and see the payoffs in our Xeriscape Nevada articles.

8. Go Native!

Grow more natural, local, native species of plants and flowers! Not only have they been living and growing successfully in our region for a long, long time; they’re beautiful. And trust us, it ain’t all sagebrush! See our list of dozens of drought-tolerant plants that LOVE Nevada here: Xeriscape Reno – Improve Your Home’s Value) and learn how to incorporate them into your own personal ecosystem.

For more great tips, advice and professional secrets to growing in Nevada & Beyond in 2016, sign up for The Planter’s Post, a goody-packed monthly newsletter!


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Ornamental Kale Full Circle Soils & Compost

Ornamental Kale with Full Circle Soils & Compost products is a great Xmas gift! Ornamental Kale will rock and roll through winter!

We know, we know. Kale is all over the menu these days. It’s hip, it’s healthy, but did you know it’s also pretty darn … pretty? Fact. That’s three reasons right there to consider giving some as a gift this holiday season!

No, not in a plastic grocery bag. We mean whole plants neatly anchored in their own containers. But these ample, rose-like leaves hued purple, silver and yellow aren’t just a pretty face (one which, by the way, they’ll still be making come springtime); they’re hardy! Kales will look nice and stand tall (up to 2 feet) in our dry Nevada cold as they color up your (or your happy gift recipient’s) patio, porch, entryway or garden.

Want to do it? Plant your kale in a pot or bucket with some good, wholesome SOAR, keep it in a sunny place, water it regularly and be sure to keep it happy with an every-other-week spritz of delicious PUNCH.

Forget the poinsettias. This holiday season, go with kale. (Because, at the very least, if you ever get sick of the plant, you can always turn it into salad.)

Looking for some great gifts for the special gardeners in your life? Why not win a whole wheelbarrow full of them! Enter our Holiday Giveaway contest right here!

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Hello Gardeners and Growers! I am back after a long hiatus. Where have I been for the last few years? Well, helping our family business grow and grow (just like all the plants and veggies we help flourish with our all-natural soil and compost products!). I am going to be writing all new blogs and providing great information about composting, gardening, growing, and all things green on our all new blog, THE SCOOP. You can find our blog on the bottom of our new website, fullcirclecompost.com. Please come take a look.

Come on over and visit the all new Full Circle Soils & Compost with awesome composting information and products!

Come on over and visit the all new Full Circle Soils & Compost with awesome composting information and products!

I hope you enjoy the Full Circle Soils & Compost revamped brand. This is the first season we’ve rolled it out and our business is taking us to new places every day. The distributors and retail stores we’ve teamed with continue to relay kind customer comments regarding our all-natural growing products and we couldn’t be more tickled. Whether you’re a new customer just discovering the power of our enviro-friendly products, or a seasoned user continuing to be impressed with the gleeful response from your plants, we’re happy to have you on-board.

Happy Growing!

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Here is a quick video explaining how to fix a Wall-O-Water. These handy “mini-greenhouses” allow Full Circle Compost to grow our tomatoes early here in Nevada. The Wall-O-Water in the video has been used for three years straight and we leave them outside all year round. With the help of Walls-O-Water, Full Circle Compost Garden Boost, and Full Circle Compost Worm Wine; we are averaging 50-100 lbs of tomatoes per plant in Nevada.

To see our whole planting process please check out this past blog post: Hula-Hoop Method for Planting Tomatoes!

To see some amazing results, check out this blog post: The Proof is in the Pictures!

400 lbs of tomatoes in one single picking from Full Circle Compost's garden! Farmer Craig style!

400 lbs of tomatoes in one single picking from Full Circle Compost’s garden! Farmer Craig style!

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The time has come to start picking our tomato harvest! This is just a small portion of the amount of tomatoes we have in the ground here in Gardnerville, NV. We planted 75 varieties of tomatoes and today’s picking is only the current ripe tomatoes of ONLY 1/3 of the Full Circle Compost garden. We have already picked 400 lbs of tomatoes from the entire garden this growing season.

How many pounds of ripe tomatoes can you pick from only 1/3 of your tomato garden if you balance your soil and use Full Circle Compost?

Full Circle Compost Tomato Harvest! Only 1/3 of our garden…on 1 of 3 pickings!

71.5 lbs of ripe tomatoes just on one picking from 1/3 of our garden!!! Holy Tomato!!!!

Based on this one picking we should be picking 225 lbs of tomatoes from our garden today. After today we will have picked more than 600 lbs of tomatoes from our back yard garden!!

Tonight, September 20th, you can share in our harvest if you come by our booth at the Gardnerville, NV wine walk! We will be at Joyce’s Jewelry (here is the map) from 4:30 to 8 pm! If you subscribe to this blog and happen to be in the area, come join us!!! You can taste tomatoes and pick your favorite variety. We will have 20+ varieties available!! If you can not come by and you are in the Northern Nevada area and would like some tomatoes, please contact me and we can set up a tomato delivery!!

Big tomato harvest if you balance your soil! To get the result we did, you only have to understand a few things:


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