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Hey you composting fanatics. Check this out! Full Circle Soils & Compost is composting the green waste from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Full Circle collects the green waste, turns it for 10 weeks in our aerobic composting process, breaks it down into awesome humus based compost, and then offers this amazing growing media to Nevada gardeners and growers.

The University of Nevada brings custom compost back up to the campus and uses it all over the landscape to grow healthy and luscious grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees while cutting down on chemical fertilizers!

Now that is “FULL CIRCLE”!!

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Copy of UNR Lanscape Results KICK and BOOST

UNR Landscape Container Before and After Results Using Full Circle KICK Garden Soil…WOAH!

Copy of UNR Quad Results

UNR Quad Results Using Custom Made Full Circle Soils & Compost Organic Soil Amendment! YEEEHHAAAA

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From grass, to custom compost, to landscape and turf growth! UNR goes green with Full Circle!

From grass, to custom compost, to landscape and turf growth! UNR goes green with Full Circle!

Full Circle Soils & Compost and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) have worked together to create a “truly green campus” from start to finish. A recent article in NEVADA Today outlines this super sustainable recycling, composting, and all-natural campus fertilization “super team” that pushes UNR to new heights of GREEN GREATNESS! The below quote from the “truly green campus” article outlines the plan:

Grass clippings are collected for shipment to Full Circle Soils & Compost, a Minden-area company that uses the clippings as one of the ingredients in its line of nutrient-rich soils and nutritional additives.  

The University, in turn, purchases composted soils and specialized organic products from Full Circle for use in its landscape beds and on its lawns.  

The program diverts large amounts of green waste out of the region’s landfills, said Marty Sillito, assistant director for Grounds Services in the University’s Department of Facilities Maintenance Services. ”

Now that is a “full circle” recycling solution. UNR is not only recycling organic items like grass and landscape materials but completing the loop by actually using the products made from their own organic materials back on the campus. Even better, the results are RIDICULOUS! Continue reading…

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