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Whether you’ve identified seeding or sodding as the best approach for your yard, Full Circle is going to make things EASY. Who doesn’t like easy? While sowing seeds is typically cheaper, sodding typically gets you to a full, lush, attractive lawn quicker. So, whichever option you choose as more appealing, see below for some helpful tips (no tricks needed).

The Best Process to Seed Your Lawn (or Re-Seed)

Let’s get right to it:
1. Rake existing bare spots across entire desired coverage area
2. Get a seed spreader and spread those seeds
3. Spread 1/4 inch of Full Circle’s BOOST (crucial)
4. Watering newly sown seeds: Twice a day, 6 minutes per cycle. If possible, set morning timers to 8:00 AM and afternoon timers at 3:00 PM. Remember, you have to keep the seeds wet for 2 weeks. Then water normally.
Now, get your lawnmower tuned up because you’re about to be trimming your lawn in as little as 3 weeks.

Full Circle: The best way to seed your lawn.

The Best Process to Lay Sod (or Re-sod)

To view a reseed video, find the information on how to sod your yard, and learn about the science of mycorrhizae, click here!!!!!

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Full Circle New Years Resolution 2016 Gardeners

Well, folks. It’s the end of the year! And as short as these winter days are, for us die-hard gardener / grower types, they can sure feel long … as we gaze longingly out at our snow-blanketed planter boxes like a lonely puppy, counting down the weeks till spring with every can or jar of harvest-time goodies we finish …

But wait a minute! What better time than as we wave goodbye to 2015 could there be to start planning our 2016 yards and gardens? Not only does getting a jump on it now help you hit the ground running (or raking …), it gives you a really great thing to get excited about when people ask you your New Year’s resolution!

So leave the vows for fad diets and garage clean-ups to your Facebook friends. Read on for our favorite 8 New Year’s resolutions for gardeners and growers — ones sure to make it a truly Happy New Year for you and your plants!


1. Start a Garden!

If you don’t have a garden yet … start one! No matter what style of gardening / planting / growing you want to do, get things off to an amazing beginning with a healthy dose of KICK and other beyond organic Full Circle compost products … so your plants can go from zero to hero in one season.

If you’re new to the region, let us warn you that gardening in Nevada can be tough … but NOT if you have the right soil. Since most Nevada properties don’t start off with nice, developed, mature soil, you’ll just have to nurture it on up to the right conditions.

(Find out more about bad compost versus good compost for Nevada growing here; learn more about Nevada soil here.)


2. Start a Gardening Journal

Not only will this will motivate you to make plans–and stick to them!–but it can help you keep track of planting schedules, successes & failures, and other experience that’ll get those thumbs looking greener in no time.

3. Make a Planting Calendar!

Like your journal, having a dedicated gardening calendar helps you remember when to START projects, buy seeds or seedlings, prep soil, plant, harvest, and all the other fun steps that lead to delicious homegrown veggies and beautiful yards.

4. Build Raised Garden Beds!

You know, like the ones you see in yards around your neighborhood and wish you had. Well this year’s your year and you can get started BEFORE the planting season. Whether you want small front-yard herb-and-veggie boxes or a full-on greenhouse operation like Gary’s, all it takes is a trip to the hardware store, some dedication, and our plant-loving KICK to get things growing BIG! Learn how to build raised garden beds with guides from Sunset, Lowe’s and Eartheasy as inspiration. (You can always buy planter boxes and raised garden beds, but what’s the fun in that!)

5. Build a Compost System!

Wanna get serious about composting? Make your own! One of our favorite composting systems is the 3 pile backyard compost system. It’s a little labor-intensive, and is definitely a commitment. But if you’re up for the challenge, the payoff is (bio)massive. Go here for our instructions, tips and advice!


6. Re-seed Your Lawn!

Love your lawn? This spring, get your turf to come back lusher and plusher than ever before with this way-too-easy 4-step turf reseed plan. Lasting results in as quick as 2 weeks! Check out photos of some real-life success stories from Reno, David in South Lake Tahoe, and University of Nevada.

7. Xeriscape Nevada Style!

Don’t love your lawn? Rip it out! Save water, defend against drought, cut costs, improve the value of your home, AND make your neighbors jealous by converting your yard to a natural landscape that requires minimal maintenance. Just get it started and let Nature do the hard work, season after season! Learn more about the benefits and see the payoffs in our Xeriscape Nevada articles.

8. Go Native!

Grow more natural, local, native species of plants and flowers! Not only have they been living and growing successfully in our region for a long, long time; they’re beautiful. And trust us, it ain’t all sagebrush! See our list of dozens of drought-tolerant plants that LOVE Nevada here: Xeriscape Reno – Improve Your Home’s Value) and learn how to incorporate them into your own personal ecosystem.

For more great tips, advice and professional secrets to growing in Nevada & Beyond in 2016, sign up for The Planter’s Post, a goody-packed monthly newsletter!


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Ornamental Kale Full Circle Soils & Compost

Ornamental Kale with Full Circle Soils & Compost products is a great Xmas gift! Ornamental Kale will rock and roll through winter!

We know, we know. Kale is all over the menu these days. It’s hip, it’s healthy, but did you know it’s also pretty darn … pretty? Fact. That’s three reasons right there to consider giving some as a gift this holiday season!

No, not in a plastic grocery bag. We mean whole plants neatly anchored in their own containers. But these ample, rose-like leaves hued purple, silver and yellow aren’t just a pretty face (one which, by the way, they’ll still be making come springtime); they’re hardy! Kales will look nice and stand tall (up to 2 feet) in our dry Nevada cold as they color up your (or your happy gift recipient’s) patio, porch, entryway or garden.

Want to do it? Plant your kale in a pot or bucket with some good, wholesome SOAR, keep it in a sunny place, water it regularly and be sure to keep it happy with an every-other-week spritz of delicious PUNCH.

Forget the poinsettias. This holiday season, go with kale. (Because, at the very least, if you ever get sick of the plant, you can always turn it into salad.)

Looking for some great gifts for the special gardeners in your life? Why not win a whole wheelbarrow full of them! Enter our Holiday Giveaway contest right here!

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Full Circle’s Guide to Composting Pumpkins

Eerie music. Scary costumes on kids and pets. Strangers handing you candy. There’s a lot of ways to get your creep on each Halloween. But what better way to celebrate ghouls and ghosts and macabre dead stuff than with your very own organic graveyard–your compost heap!

Yes sir, if you plan on carving or displaying a pumpkin this week, plan on disposing of it in an a sustainable plant-loving manner next week. (Or by Thanksgiving week. OK, come on, at least by some time before Xmas … don’t be those neighbors.)

Whenever you do it, read on for some fun tricks to treat yourself and your garden with your jack-o-lantern leftovers…CLICK HERE TO READ ON!

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Maximize Nevada Agricultural Production! Grow Big Nevada!

Maximize Nevada Agricultural Production! Grow Big Nevada!

How To Increase Nevada Agriculture Crop Production? I will tell you how…

We love helping customers transform their homes into verdant jungles of beautiful lushness and delicious mini-farms–from garden beds to lawns, kitchen plants to greenhouses–with our beyond-organic soils and composts.

But Full Circle can also benefit large-scale projects in a BIG way.

Whether it’s showing the University of Nevada how to re-greenify their campus or helping farmers blow up crop yields, the Full Circle Soils & Compost team has the know-how and literally TONS of our products to take on any sized project–and make it GROW!

In this post, we’re sharing some amazing results:

How two applications of custom-blended Full Circle on 18 acres of hay BOOSTED bales, tonnage and yield by 226% …
and earned a 146% return on investment!

See below or click RIGHT HERE for our easy-to-read, highly printable, totally shareable, eventually recyclable (and even compostable) version of our one-page flyer! Share it with all of your largest-scale friends!

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Nevada Lawn Reseed In Only 14 days! (spread Sept 20th, photos October 4th)

Nevada Lawn Reseed In Only 14 days! (spread Sept 20th, photos October 4th)

Fall Turf Reseed: How to Prep NOW for an Amazing Spring Lawn!

URGENT! Do this before mid-October if you want healthy, amazing lawns come springtime!

Winter likes to jump onto the scene with a combo of cold weather, short days and a general beating-and-a-half for our lawns. But with a little preparation now, you can reestablish your lawn before the cold kicks in, to ensure your turf stays strong and resilient through winter… and comes back lush, lavish and healthy in the spring!

Follow these simple steps to accomplish your very own Full Circle Fall Turf Reseed. And check out that photographic evidence… of reseed results in just 14 days–woohoo!

Step 1 – Rake

Use a heavy rake (metal) and rake out the native soil bare spot or areas in the turf that need more growth. This creates a shallow seed bed.

Step 2 – Spread

Spread 5 lbs of drought-tolerant turf grass seed for every 1,000 square feet over the bare spots or turf area that needs more growth.

Step 3 – BOOST

Spread 1/4 inch application of BOOST over top.

Step 4 – Water

To establish good, deep root penetration for future drought control, water twice a day for 7 days at 20 mins a time to keep the new seed wet and allow the BOOST to soak in. For the next 7 days, water twice a day at 10 mins a time.

By the end of those first two weeks, your lawn should already be looking pretty sweet. Go ahead and water once a day for 15 mins for 5 more days. Then cut back to normal watering right up until everyone shuts off their watering systems for the winter!

Your lawn should already be nicely reestablished with a healthy thickness, just in time forthat cold to set in. And voila– look at you and your lawn alreadyall ready for winter!

Step 5 – Spring Boost

When we finally make it through the winter, add just one more application of BOOST and …

Step 6 – BOOM!

That’s it! You did it! Now go enjoy your uber-lush, super-lavish, totally healthy lawn!

SPOILER ALERT! Your lawn’s metamorphosis is going to look like this…TO SEE THE AMAZING PHOTOS CLICK HERE!

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Wow! Now what a difference a little Xeriscape can make to your home!

Wow! Now what a difference a little Xeriscape can make to your home!

The final results are in for Nevada home owners looking to add Xeriscape to your abode! Part 3 of this multi-part blog series walking you through the steps of the Xeriscape Nevada process is here! The River School Farm team has finished planting, mulching, adding DG paths, and completed all of the irrigation of the front yard of this Reno, Nevada rental house. Let’s take a look at the before and after photos.

Lots of planting happened during project. As time passes, the growth will continue. The yard will begin to take shape and mature. The berries, herbs, and fruit trees will begin providing great fruits and veggies for the home owner. Look at that beautiful rich mulch that contrasts the golden DG so well.


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