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Hello Gardeners and Growers! I am back after a long hiatus. Where have I been for the last few years? Well, helping our family business grow and grow (just like all the plants and veggies we help flourish with our all-natural soil and compost products!). I am going to be writing all new blogs and providing great information about composting, gardening, growing, and all things green on our all new blog, THE SCOOP. You can find our blog on the bottom of our new website, fullcirclecompost.com. Please come take a look.

Come on over and visit the all new Full Circle Soils & Compost with awesome composting information and products!

Come on over and visit the all new Full Circle Soils & Compost with awesome composting information and products!

I hope you enjoy the Full Circle Soils & Compost revamped brand. This is the first season we’ve rolled it out and our business is taking us to new places every day. The distributors and retail stores we’ve teamed with continue to relay kind customer comments regarding our all-natural growing products and we couldn’t be more tickled. Whether you’re a new customer just discovering the power of our enviro-friendly products, or a seasoned user continuing to be impressed with the gleeful response from your plants, we’re happy to have you on-board.

Happy Growing!

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A big milestone has been made at the University of Nevada, Reno. The historic quad that so many UNR students and alumni have walked, played, graduated, and studied upon is getting a sustainable facelift. This year the annual reseeding of the quad has gone all organic with the use of humus based soil fertility and no conventional fertilizers!

UNR quad before and after Full Circle Compost

This year, the grounds department decided to use Full Circle Compost to provide a custom all organic soil fertility program to boost the quad to perfection for the 2012 May graduation. The two week results from the soil fertility program are wonderful! Here is the process and how sustainable humus based soil fertility works. (more…)

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Join Nevada EcoNet and greenUP! on Wed., Nov. 16 to celebrate the 2011 Golden Pinecone winners.  Nevada’s only exclusively environmental award ceremony, the Golden Pinecone Celebration, has honored our environmental leaders and visionaries for 24 years. (more…)

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The time has come for the Autumn Harvest Festival presented by Full Circle Compost and Hungry Mother Organics in Minden, NV. The show stopper is a 50 variety tomato test of locally grown awesome heirloom tomaotes!

Autumn Harvest Festival

This is your chance to partake in some great activities and help support local business and local food. There will be lots of activities from fall gardening workshops and how to prepare your garden for winter. Scarecrow stuffing will be available for the kids and a mini-farmers market. Live music from HICK’RY SWITCH will also be there.

The tomato testing is a continuation of the 48 variety tomato testing that happened during the Green Living Festival. You can come and taste more types of tomatoes then you ever knew existed. This is the only opportunity in Northern Nevada to try this many tomatoes! Here are the results from the Green Living festival tomato test. Come be apart of the Fall test!

Come by October 1st, 2011 to the Full Circle Compost retail site found here and have some Autumn fun!!



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The Great Basin Community Food Coop is now a new and awesome location to get Full Circle Compost Garden Boost soil amendment in Reno Nevada. This amazing food coop has allowed Full Circle the great opportunity to join forces and sell some great local organic soil amendments at their store off California St.

Great Basin Community Food Coop

Buying local and supporting local businesses is the best way to help out Nevada in the tough times our state is currently going through. Companies like the GBCFC and Full Circle are here to provide Nevadans with the highest quality products around! The GBCFC will be expanding their store in 2012 and you can be involved in the process by helping them out by visiting their store, website, and donating to their cause!

Full Circle Compost at the GBCFC

We hope that you stop by the store to support such a great community effort as shown by the GBCFC and also support local farmers and composters like Full Circle Compost. You can help your garden grow even better using local soil amendments designed to fix the deficiencies in your native soil and garden. Full Circle is currently growing 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes in their back yard getting around 50 lbs of fruit per plant only using this garden boost product. Here is a video of a first season picking done this week off a Siberian tomato.

Here is a little more about the GBCFC:

We’re a grassroots network uniting Great Basin folks interested in sustainably produced, locally grown food. Our goal is a business that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially just. Our cooperative’s priority is always to provide the best, most wholesome food available at the lowest price possible. We believe in safe, sustainable, growing and manufacturing practices. When you shop at The Great Basin Community Food Co-operative you join in supporting our local farmers, producers and craftspeople. A co-operative belongs to the community. Members vote on Co-op issues, and can volunteer for a special order discount.

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Here is a tomato update of our Siberian Tomato plant in our back yard. This is only one of 41 varieties of ripe tomatoes that we are going to taste test this Saturday at the Green Living Festival in Gardnerville , NV. This Siberian tomato, even though small, produce large amounts of fruit for our first ripe picking. Here is a video showing the results.

160 TOMATOES ON OUR FIRST PICKING! That is quite the feat! You do not see results like this unless you feed your food with Full Circle Compost. Everyone should come test the tomatoes we have grown this weekend in Gardnerville at the Green Living Festival. Info on the event and how Full Circle Compost is recycling all the organic waste can be found here.


Green Living Festival

You can find an event list here and see all the things going this year at Lampe Park! Click here to get more info on the Green Living Festival.

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Truckee Elementary School and Full Circle Compost have teamed up to create vermicomposting glory for educational and environmentally sustainable purposes in Truckee, California. The story goes like this…

Worm Bins Going To Truckee Elementary

The projected started in 2010 when Tamara Anderson contacted Full Circle Compost to talk all about worms and the proper methods of recycling organic wastes using vermicomposting. Full Circle got Truckee Elementary in contact with Patrick Flynn from Seeliger Elementary on how to obtain grant funding for cool projects such as the recycling vermicomposting project proposed at Truckee Elementary.

Truckee Elementary Ready For Composting Worms

Tamara was able to be a great steward in the grant process because she already owned her own personal Can-O-Worms. After obtaining funding for the project, things got rolling quickly and this week Full Circle and Truckee Elementary finished installing 10 Can-O-Worm vermicomposting systems to begin food waste recycling and educating our youth about worms and composting. Here are pictures and the story of how everything happened: (more…)

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