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Hey you composting fanatics. Check this out! Full Circle Soils & Compost is composting the green waste from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Full Circle collects the green waste, turns it for 10 weeks in our aerobic composting process, breaks it down into awesome humus based compost, and then offers this amazing growing media to Nevada gardeners and growers.

The University of Nevada brings custom compost back up to the campus and uses it all over the landscape to grow healthy and luscious grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees while cutting down on chemical fertilizers!

Now that is “FULL CIRCLE”!!

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Copy of UNR Lanscape Results KICK and BOOST

UNR Landscape Container Before and After Results Using Full Circle KICK Garden Soil…WOAH!

Copy of UNR Quad Results

UNR Quad Results Using Custom Made Full Circle Soils & Compost Organic Soil Amendment! YEEEHHAAAA

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Whether you’ve identified seeding or sodding as the best approach for your yard, Full Circle is going to make things EASY. Who doesn’t like easy? While sowing seeds is typically cheaper, sodding typically gets you to a full, lush, attractive lawn quicker. So, whichever option you choose as more appealing, see below for some helpful tips (no tricks needed).

The Best Process to Seed Your Lawn (or Re-Seed)

Let’s get right to it:
1. Rake existing bare spots across entire desired coverage area
2. Get a seed spreader and spread those seeds
3. Spread 1/4 inch of Full Circle’s BOOST (crucial)
4. Watering newly sown seeds: Twice a day, 6 minutes per cycle. If possible, set morning timers to 8:00 AM and afternoon timers at 3:00 PM. Remember, you have to keep the seeds wet for 2 weeks. Then water normally.
Now, get your lawnmower tuned up because you’re about to be trimming your lawn in as little as 3 weeks.

Full Circle: The best way to seed your lawn.

The Best Process to Lay Sod (or Re-sod)

To view a reseed video, find the information on how to sod your yard, and learn about the science of mycorrhizae, click here!!!!!

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Maximize Nevada Agricultural Production! Grow Big Nevada!

Maximize Nevada Agricultural Production! Grow Big Nevada!

How To Increase Nevada Agriculture Crop Production? I will tell you how…

We love helping customers transform their homes into verdant jungles of beautiful lushness and delicious mini-farms–from garden beds to lawns, kitchen plants to greenhouses–with our beyond-organic soils and composts.

But Full Circle can also benefit large-scale projects in a BIG way.

Whether it’s showing the University of Nevada how to re-greenify their campus or helping farmers blow up crop yields, the Full Circle Soils & Compost team has the know-how and literally TONS of our products to take on any sized project–and make it GROW!

In this post, we’re sharing some amazing results:

How two applications of custom-blended Full Circle on 18 acres of hay BOOSTED bales, tonnage and yield by 226% …
and earned a 146% return on investment!

See below or click RIGHT HERE for our easy-to-read, highly printable, totally shareable, eventually recyclable (and even compostable) version of our one-page flyer! Share it with all of your largest-scale friends!

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Wow! Now what a difference a little Xeriscape can make to your home!

Wow! Now what a difference a little Xeriscape can make to your home!

The final results are in for Nevada home owners looking to add Xeriscape to your abode! Part 3 of this multi-part blog series walking you through the steps of the Xeriscape Nevada process is here! The River School Farm team has finished planting, mulching, adding DG paths, and completed all of the irrigation of the front yard of this Reno, Nevada rental house. Let’s take a look at the before and after photos.

Lots of planting happened during project. As time passes, the growth will continue. The yard will begin to take shape and mature. The berries, herbs, and fruit trees will begin providing great fruits and veggies for the home owner. Look at that beautiful rich mulch that contrasts the golden DG so well.


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Part 1 of how to Xeriscape your yard to be drought tolerant with beautiful, edible landscape.

Part 1 of How to Xeriscape your yard to be drought tolerant with beautiful, edible landscape.

Do you want your yard to turn heads, make your neighbors jealous, be the most beautiful on the block, and increase the value of your home? Do you want this while also being drought tolerant, full of nutrition, and supporting plants that love Nevada (just like we do)? Well we have your solution: Xeriscape Nevada with Full Circle Soils & Compost and the River School Farm.

This is a multi-part blog series walking you through the Xeriscape Nevada process on a current project unfolding in Reno, Nevada. Get ready to witness the amazing power of wildly productive soils, composts and mulches. When these nutrient packed materials are used with Nevada tolerant plants and water savvy irrigation systems, you can create landscape glory! (Hey, this is a work in progress so…these initial pictures are the first stages. Part 2 and 3 will blow your mind!)

What is Xeriscape: a landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water-conserving techniques (as the use of drought-tolerant plants, mulch, and efficient irrigation. Courtesy of the word experts at Merriam-Webster).

So what’s the plan? Our good friends at the River School Farm mapped out a whole plan with a list of Xeriscape ready plants to revitalize this front yard of a rental house in Reno. As you can see, the yard has seen better days…TO SEE THE PICTURES, THE PLANT LIST, AND CONTINUE READING PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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drough-mulch-water saving-1160x700

Using Mulch To Beat The Heat and Fight Drought!

Like people (as well as dogs, cows, wild burros and a few other things), plants get thirsty. Nevada gardening in a heat wave during a drought when you’re trying to save water presents a conflict. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be so bad. Especially when you use products that hold around three times as much moisture as the common stuff. Luckily, we happen to know of some…

First, let’s talk about water retention. Simply put, it refers to how much moisture stays in something versus how much either gets zapped up by Mean Ol’ Mister Sun or trickles off to some other spot….

To continue reading please follow click here: Gardening Tips To Beat The Heat and Drought

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