URGENT! Do this before mid-October if you want healthy, amazing lawns come springtime!

Winter likes to jump onto the scene with a combo of cold weather, short days and a general beating-and-a-half for our lawns. But with a little preparation now, you can reestablish your lawn before the cold kicks in, to ensure your turf stays strong and resilient through winter… and comes back lush, lavish and healthy in the spring!

Follow these simple steps to accomplish your very own Full Circle Fall Turf Reseed. And check out that photographic evidence… of reseed results in just 14 days–woohoo!

Step 1 – Rake

Use a heavy rake (metal) and rake out the native soil bare spot or areas in the turf that need more growth. This creates a shallow seed bed.

Step 2 – Spread

Spread 5 lbs of drought-tolerant turf grass seed for every 1,000 square feet over the bare spots or turf area that needs more growth.

Step 3 – BOOST

Spread 1/4 inch application of BOOST over top.

Step 4 – Water

To establish good, deep root penetration for future drought control, water twice a day for 7 days at 20 mins a time to keep the new seed wet and allow the BOOST to soak in. For the next 7 days, water twice a day at 10 mins a time.

By the end of those first two weeks, your lawn should already be looking pretty sweet. Go ahead and water once a day for 15 mins for 5 more days. Then cut back to normal watering right up until everyone shuts off their watering systems for the winter!

Your lawn should already be nicely reestablished with a healthy thickness, just in time forthat cold to set in. And voila– look at you and your lawn alreadyall ready for winter!

Step 5 – Spring Boost

When we finally make it through the winter, add just one more application of BOOST and …

Step 6 – BOOM!

That’s it! You did it! Now go enjoy your uber-lush, super-lavish, totally healthy lawn!

SPOILER ALERT! Your lawn’s metamorphosis is going to look like this…TO SEE THE AMAZING PHOTOS CLICK HERE!