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Here is a little video taken today on Oct 19th. We are still picking tomatoes with the help of row cover protecting our garden from frost. We are approaching 2,000 total pounds of tomatoes just from our back yard garden. How did we do it?? Just good soil from Full Circle Compost and a little intuition!!

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Easy way to save tomato seeds at home. The key is fermentation and then drying the seeds properly. Full Circle Compost is now growing over 95 varieties of tomatoes in the hard growing climate of Nevada. Saving seeds and creating tomato plants more tolerant of our growing season has helped us succeed.

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Here is another great testimonial of a garden in Reno, NV that with the help of Full Circle Compost’s Garden Boost has grown to huge heights!!

Big Tomato in Reno, NV boosted with Full Circle Compost!

Mason Vonnahme has spent the last few months taking care of his garden, hand watering everyday, and boosting it with the natural and proper nutrients from Full Circle Compost. He used Wall-O-Waters to get those tomoato started off right!

Boooom! Big maters in Reno if you understand how to boost your soil!

The results speak for themselves. Hard work, a little bit of know-how, and the proper nutrition with Full Circle Garden Boost is all you need.

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Here is a great video to show everyone how large scale industrial composting is. Many people may not know how in-depth and complex a properly managed and run compost site may be. This video shows what Full Circle Compost does in Northern Nevada to make the highest quality compost and soil amendments on the market. Enjoy!

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A great article written by Natalie Savidge was posted to the front page of the University of Nevada, Reno website! This article describes UNR’s efforts along side of Full Circle Compost to make our campus a little “greenier” for the upcoming graduation. Very exciting to be on the main website with such awesome information about compost and an organization going green through sustainable actions.

Please check out the main UNR website where the story is one of the main featured stories.

You can also check out the article directly at ‘Mother Quad’ readies for Commencement!

Thanks for the support and help make Northern Nevada more green by sponsoring local businesses that push sustainable initiative such as composting and recycling forward.


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Hola Everyone!

Today, May 1st at 1 pm pacific time and 4 pm east coast time, Full Circle Compost will be talking about soil fertility on an online radio show! If you would like to listen in and learn about soil fertility and compost please do so. The website is: http://www.allbiztalk.com/

Every Week, each Tuesday we interview new guests from the Business World, Agents, Business Owners, Brokers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, all getting together to discuss important topics.
The show is Live, with call-in, at 1:00pm PST on AllBizTalk with host Alan Citron. The show features some of the best Business Professionals in the area.

This week we have:

Heather Kahabka, Owner of Plant It Nursery

Cody Witt, Project Manager of Full Circle Compost

will be our guests today! 

Past shows for 2012 are available via podcast and iTunes. Listen to AllBizTalk now.

This show is sponsored by [1] Marketing Mix, Marketing for Business Owners and Professionals


Tech Ventures, Inc. | P.O. Box 1848 | Gardnerville | NV | 89410 | US

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On July 29th, 2011 a large rain and hail storm swept through the Carson Valley in Nevada and destroyed many good people’s gardens. We were also victims of Mother Nature’s fury. This video documents the destruction.

Please be with us. Out tomatoes and veggies will make it through these hard times. We are TOMERICANS! I will post a followup update in a few weeks when the tomatoes begin to ripen. We have had a major set back but life will go on and salsa will be made!

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